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Printable Power Of Attorney

Printable Power Of Attorney

Our high quality easy-to-use legal forms are designed to help protect your rights and to save you time and money. Our forms have been prepared by attorneys and include information and checklists to guide you. Get immediate access to your forms after you purchase. If you're not completely satisfied, you can rely on our no risk 100% money back guarantee.

  • Powers of Attorney Combo Packages

    Popular Our most popular Powers of Attorney forms are contained within this combo package. This combo contains a General Power of Attorney, Durable Powers of Attorney and one for the Care of Children. A revocation form is also included in the event you desire to revoke a prior Power of Attorney.

  • Care of Children Power of Attorney

    Popular Power of Attorney for Care of Children for use when giving another individual (an agent) the power to make decisions regarding your children. This document sets out the dates these powers are in effect and the specific powers of the agent.

  • Care of Children Power of Attorney - One Parent

    Popular! Power of Attorney for the Care of Children for One Parent which allows another individual to make decisions regarding your children. This document sets out the specific powers granted to the agent and the effective dates.

  • Durable Power of Attorney Effective Immediately

    Popular! Durable Power of Attorney which is immediately effective upon signing. This form grants the agent powers to make legal and business transactions on the grantor's behalf and remains in effect even if the grantor becomes disabled or incapacitated.

  • General Power of Attorney

    Popular! General Power of Attorney which will allow a trusted individual to make decisions regarding your business, financial and legal affairs when you cannot do so. This document immediately takes effect but terminates upon your death or disability.

  • Health Care Power of Attorney

    Popular - Power of Attorney for Health Care which designates an individual you trust to make health care decisions on your behalf. Under this Power of Attorney, this individual, known as an agent, will have the power to withdraw or terminate your personal care or medical treatment.

  • Advance Health Care Directive

    Advance Health Care Directive which contains a Power of Attorney for Health Care and Living Will. This document gives specific instructions as to the treatment you want to receive if you are incapacitated and also appoints a personal representative who can also make decisions on your behalf.

  • Durable Power Of Attorney Effective Upon Disability

    Durable Power of Attorney which becomes effective upon the disability of the principal. This document authorizes an Agent to act on behalf of a principal in a legal or business matter if the principal is incapacitated or disabled.

  • General Power of Attorney (with specific termination date)

    General Power of Attorney (With Specific Termination Date) is used when designating an individual to handle your affairs for a certain amount of time. This form sets out the name of the agent and the dates when the document is effective.

  • Limited Power of Attorney (with do it yourself options)

    Limited Power of Attorney Limited (With do it yourself Options) includes various options so the form fits your specific situation. You will designate the agent and can choose if the power of attorney should be durable, non-durable or effective upon disability or incapacity.

  • Power of Attorney (Carta Poder)

    Limited Power of Attorney in Spanish. This form contains the necessary provisions for a power of attorney which is limited in scope. Take advantage of an attorney's expertise at a fraction of the cost!

  • Real Estate Purchase Power of Attorney

    Limited Power of Attorney for Purchase of Real Estate for use when granting power to another for purchase of real estate. This type of document does not extend any other powers to the grantee.

  • Real Estate Sale Power of Attorney

    This Limited Power of Attorney for Sale of Real Estate is for use when appointing an agent to sale real estate for you. This Power of Attorney is limited and does not grant any other powers to your agent.

  • Revocation of Power of Attorney

    Revocations which revoke an existing Power of Attorney. A Notice of Revocation is included and revocations for general, care of children and health care powers of attorney.

  • Sale of Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney

    Power of Attorney for Sale of Motor Vehicle which grants an agent the right to sale a vehicle on your behalf. This document does not grant the agent any other powers and is for that purpose only.